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We specialise in the field of Tourism Infrastructure Planning & Development Consulting. 



We aim at advising clients on diverse issues across hospitality, real estate, leisure and tourism industries. The global coverage and international experience of our team, combined with the ability to draw upon local know-how from across the industry network, gives us unparalleled credibility to advise in these areas.



Sectors Covered

  • Resorts and hotels

  • Golf courses and golfing estates

  • Marina developments

  • Health, wellness, spa and fitness centers

  • Casinos

  • Theme parks and visitor attractions

  • Convention and exhibition centers

  • Sport and cultural events

  • Stadiums and arenas 


Experience Includes:

  • Market and financial feasibility studies

  • Project conceptualization and investment planning

  • Project management and Business plans

  • Hotel and resort development strategies

  • Business performance improvement

  • Valuation services

  • Transaction services

  • Management and lease contract negotiations

  • Investor search

  • Economic impact assessment


International Exposure combined with 

local expertise. Customised solutions through a World Class team of specialists.

Tourism projects make up a large part of our strategic business at AV | IDG. Tourism now needs to account for an as high as possible proportion of GDP and that is driven by extensive investment that is being made in the sector,  both publicly and privately. Many countries have identified Tourism as the driver for significant growth. The international experts take a systematic approach to every aspect of your project.


“Travel and Tourism accounts for US$7 trillion dollars, or 9.5% of global gross domestic product (GDP) and it supports 266 million jobs worldwide.” World Travel and Tourism Council.



We focus on three key areas: Policy and Development, Project Planning and Management and Destination Marketing.



Public policy and framework play a fundamental part in the development and success of tourism initiatives and form the backbone of the tourism expertise. We work together with local offices and governmental bodies to fully develop a strategy based on technical skill and international best practices to create viable long term schemes that will create value and sustainability. At this stage of the development, we offer a range of services to scope out public policy, examine the long term development and the likely economic impact they will have, develop master plans, specific concepts, feasibility studies, strategic, operational and marketing plans.

We work with local or national tourist organisations, countries, regions or communities, providing a thorough diagnosis of the territory in question, and a proposal for developing a tourism and leisure strategy with a five to ten year action plan.


If required, we can also create a master plan for strategic sites and carry out an audit of existing tourist operations. Further work could include the development of a brand strategy for the territory and its implementation over a one to three year period. 




We are taking special care of the Health and Wellness sector because it has a major growth potential related to tourism demand of the incoming and domestic type, both in bathing destinations and in investments oriented only towards leisure and wellness. We offer a full range of consulting services that make a difference in hotel and spa performance. From preliminary market research and feasibility work that helps determine if, what and how a property should be created, positioned and run in a given location to asset management and success.


We focus on:

  • Wellness Community Master Planning

  • Destination Retreats

  • Lifestyle & Wellness Centers

  • Bathhouses

  • Resort Spas

  • Urban Hotel Spas

  • Medical Spas

  • Health & Fitness Clubs

  • Day Spas

We offer Consultancy Services for an extensive spectrum of tourism activities. The group is well versed with transforming a whole area to its full tourism potential catering to destination development. Keeping in pace with the growing responsibility towards a sustainable environment, the group is actively involved in promoting ecotourism and tourism circuits.

Another novel concept propagated by this group is consultancy services for setting up of Sports Infrastructure, a strikingly dynamic venture, a new arena of tourism. 


The growth of Tourism is closely linked with total infrastructure development of any region. Being strikingly beautiful alone will not ensure a steady flow of tourists to the destinations. Only by providing ample facilities for glitch-free travel and comfortable stay, the tourism momentum can be sustained no matter how aggressively the place is marketed. This exactly is the reason for AV TOURISM being the most sought after consultancy organization in India to implement tourism projects.

Policy and Development

  • Tourism public policy studies

  • Tourism development studies

  • Tourism master plans

  • Tourism economic impact studies

  • Destination management

  • Tourism market research and trends


Project Planning and Management

  • Market studies

  • Best Use concepts (Project Master Planning)

  • Feasibility studies

  • Business plans


Destination Marketing

  • Marketing audits

  • Product development plans

  • Strategic marketing plans

  • Operational marketing plans

  • Branding strategies





  • Site Analysis

  • Market Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Positioning Strategy & Target Market

  • Service Platform Recommendations& Unique Facility Features

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Architecture Program & Adjacency Diagram

  • Demand Analysis & Financial Forecast

  • Investment Analysis

  • Operational Concept Development




  • Overall Development Concept

  • Positioning Strategy

  • Cultural & Design Influence

  • Initial Look & Feel Recommendations

  • Rooms & Accommodation Concept

  • Food & Beverage Concept

  • Human Resource Philosophy

  • Service Culture & Employee Standard Recommendations

  • Wellness Concept

  • Treatments & Service Menu

  • Wellness Program Platform

  • Professional Product Line Recommendations




  • Concept Statement

  • Positioning Strategy

  • Cultural & Design Influence

  • Unique Facility Features

  • Initial Look & Feel Recommendations

  • Treatments & Service Menu

  • Professional Product Line Recommendations

  • Executive Recruitment

  • Senior Wellness Team Recruitment

  • Selection Process

  • Detailed Interviews

  • Candidate Presentation

‘Creating a World-Class Destination’

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