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Golf is no longer just a sport.
It is a serious business

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AV | IDG is one of best Golf Course Design & Architecture firm thoroughly focused on the development of Quality Golf Courses & Driving Ranges in the country. The firm is involved from the initial stages of the project; starting with site evaluation, feasibility and Project Conceptualisation. A team of World Class Golf experts pay attention to every detail making certain of the overall commercial viability and sustainability of the Golf venture, and ensuring peace of mind to the clients from construction through the overall management of the Golf Course.


Although each Golf project is different, as experts in the field of Golf Course Design & Development, we follow a standard process to provide the best consulting services to our clients: 

STEP   1 -   Initial meeting with Owners, Project Architects & Consultants
STEP   2 -   Site Visit & Feasibility Analysis
STEP   3 -   Project Conceptualisation & Preliminary Planning
STEP   4 -   Golf Course Masterplanning
STEP   5 -   Masterplan changes & amendments
STEP   6 -   Finalisation of Masterplan

STEP   7 -   Govt. authorities approval
STEP   8 -   Detailed design work & Specifications
STEP   9 -   Contractor Bidding & Negotiations
STEP 10 -   Golf Course Construction
STEP 11 -   Grow-in & Plantation
STEP 12 -   Golf Course Opening


  • Golf Course Design & Architecture 

  • Golf Course Construction Management

  • Golf Driving Range Development

  • Golf Course Operations & Maintenance

  • Golf Club Operations Management

Creating memorable and strategic golf courses is our primary focus but we also offer an extensive array of consultancy services. AV | IDG staff have worked for many golfing organisations, Professional Golfers Associations, local government departments and have even advised National Governments. As part of the International Design Group and the PGA official supplier, Our Golf Design service is second to none.

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