We are a complete Golf Course Design firm which acts as a strategic partner with the owners / developers to make their prospective Golf Course project a roaring success. We focus on every part of the development right from the trivial to the most significant intricacies that come in the way of developing a successful Golf project. Our Golf Course Design process is very comprehensive, it starts from Site Selection & Analysis to the design & development of a successfully sustainable Golf Course with a fresh and vibrant Golf Design approach. 

We recognise the need for the Golf Courses to be sustainable, eco-friendly and above all less expensive to be maintained. 

Our focus is always on the quality service, no matter how big or how small is the nature of work. That's what makes us the experts in the chosen field of Golf Course Design & Architecture. 

Out approach to Golf Course Design is inspired by one the greatest Golf Course Architects in the history of Golf

Dr. Alister Mackenzie

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Our services include:

  • Site Selection & Evaluation
  • Golf Course Design & Architecture 
  • Golf Course Project / Construction Management
  • Golf Driving Range Design & Development
  • Golf Course Operations & Maintenance
  • Golf Course Feasibility Reports & Studies
  • Cost Estimation & Financial Feasibility
  • Grow-in maintenance
  • Pre-Opening Consultancy of Golf Courses
  • Maintenance Center design and layout consulting
  • Remodelling and reconstruction of Golf Courses

Golf Course Site Selection / Evaluation:

The site selection /  evaluation is critical to the success of a Golf project. AV GOLF helps the clients to select the best possible site available. When a site is identified as a possible location for a Golf development, it is essential to carry out an analysis of the site to determine its potential and identify opportunities and any constraints which may cause problems in a Golf Course layout. Our intensive analysis ensures that the client does not waste time and money developing the wrong site. 

Golf Course Feasibility Report / Viability Report: 

There are many factors which go to make a good choice for a Golf Course or Driving / Practice Range and both the physical features of the site and more importantly the planning situation must be understood in order to be able to develop the site in the first place and then create a successful and sustainable Golf facility. By testing some Golf layouts on the site, one can establish what size of course can safely fit onto the land. If required the existing market conditions and competition from nearby similar golf facilities may be researched to understand the demand for Golf in the area.

Adjacent Real Estate Planning:

In recent years more than 50% of all newly developed Golf Courses have been integral parts of resort-oriented real estate projects or residential communities. Planning the real estate next to a Golf Course can be incredibly rewarding experience, along with making good business sense. In a planned Golf/Residential community, the combined uses can complement and lend character to each other in a sensitive and enriching manner. A good understanding of Golf and residential marketplace and ability to balance all of the site's features within a harmonious composition makes us plan and coordinate with the team of  architects to develop the best possible residential/commercial real estate.

Golf Course Design has no boundaries. 

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Golf Course Project / Construction Management Services:

We provides\ a variety of Golf Course Project/Construction Management Services to clients with the utmost efficiency. We take on a host of primary and secondary responsibilities to initiate and conclude the project. 

During construction of the Golf Course we monitor the progress regularly. We make sure that the contractor is following the specifications and is not deviating from our design plans. Like every project, timing is the key during construction and we make sure that the contractor is within the timelines and with our guided directions we eliminate the project overruns. 

We can provide a full time design coordinator and experience Golf Course Shapers at site, who will make sure that quality of work is not compromised at any cost. 

Our secondary responsibilities include:

  • Estimation & planning of rented machinery equipments
  • Preparing detailed work schedule as well as milestones
  • Vendor negotiations & selection
  • Coordination of resource requirements
  • Labour planning and management
  • Planning and supervision of irrigation & drainage system installation
  • Daily & weekly monitoring & reporting of construction progress
  • Grow-in maintenance supervision

Golf Course Maintenance Services:

We provide consulting on golf course maintenance for new and existing Golf Course facilities, which has several advantages for the client, like:

  • Reduced capital spending
  • Professional efficient maintenance programs
  • Lighter administrative structure
  • Controlled cost of maintenance
  • Attention to and compliance with environmental health and safety issues
  • Continuous upgrading or improvement to the facility
  • Meeting the quality expectations of the golfers

Evaluation & Selection of Golf Course Construction Contractors: 

Construction methods have changed dramatically in this century. No longer are we building Golf Courses with drag boxes and mules along with hand labour and farm equipments. Today a contractor may have lakhs of Rupees worth of equipment on-site, including shaping Dozers, JCB, box graders etc. Still, the dominant objective of the contractor is to create a Golf Course as envisaged by the Architect. So, the evaluation & selection of the contractor is very important to give the ultimate shape to the Golf Course in affordable price.

Turf & Agronomy Services

We have the knowledge and expertise to identify problem areas and make practical, operationally-viable recommendations based on turf, soils and their environments in order to help golf facilities conquer their own unique challenges and improve profitability. When required, we will provide you with the tools necessary to implement changes that may not be possible otherwise, depending on regional by-laws.

Course Beautification
Overall Appearance
Player Appeal
Putting Quality
Turf Management
Disease and Pest Control Programs
Maintenance Programs
Fertility Programs

Turf Maintenance
Cultural Practices
Pesticide Active Ingredient Management


Renovation is the new innovation

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Golf course renovation is not a uniform or an easy task. Every course has its own problems that need to be fixed using different approach and resources. But, in the end, the upgrading, renewal, remodelling or modernising of any existing course is inevitable and unavoidable.
Maintenance Problems

The typical golf course maintenance problems are:

  • Poor greens
  • Soil compaction
  • Drainage problems
  • Small tees and greens
  • Shade and roots of the trees
  • Irrigation system defects
  • Poor bunkers

With good maintenance practices it is possible to keep the golf course in good shape for longer time but in the end the golf course components will weaken so much that a renovation is needed. If the original construction methods or materials were poor, the life span will be even shorter.

The ASGCA (American Society of Golf Course Architects) has published the following life spans for golf course components:

  • Greens 15 – 30 years
  • Tees 15 – 20 years
  • Bunker sand 5 – 7 years
  • Cart Paths 15 - 30 years
  • Irrigation system 10 – 30 years
  • Irrigation guidance system 10 – 15 years
  • Pumps 15 – 20 years