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Concept hotel and resort design just north of Baku, Azerbaijan


Baku, Azerbaijan

International Design Group were invited by UK Creative Ideas and the state fund Pasha Group to design the first world class beach resort in Azerbaijan and the first beach resort of its kind on the Caspian Sea. Comprising of a 5* Hotel with 360 rooms, a 47 boutique pavilion development and associated sports facilities.

The concept for the resort was based on Fire and Water, the two most culturally important elements in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is a famous Gas state and natural gas and fire actually rise out of the earth. Bordering the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan has always had a close relationship with water. The resort plays on these themes creating vistas to fire beacon and bringing water into the boutique area allowing guests to take boats from their pavilion to the Caspian Sea.

The resort uses dramatic design to create a spectacular environment however this is based on cost effect construction methods ensuring that this project will run as a profitable business.


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