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Public Realm Landscape Architecture


IDG were employed by Gocom Group to deliver a world class landscape design to their second phase of the Pyramid Hills II development in Cairo. The masterplan prepared by the building architects supplied a high density residential zone maximising views to the Pyramids of Giza on the horizon. It was the job of our landscape architects to optimise the use of the public spaces, giving maximum amenity to those living in the surrounding properties whilst retaining a level of privacy, defensible space and value addition to those properties.

The site is a reasonably steep slope from west to east and whilst the building levels were set, IDG were given the task to grade the entire site ensuring the road and pedestrian networks were all easily accessible. The heat of the Egyptian sun was a strong design parameter which led to the use of lighter coloured materials, shade structures, wide canopy trees and the microclimatic cooling effect of water features. Gocom Group wanted a modern landscape to complement the building architecture which the detailed design package has delivered perfectly. The development is on site now and expected to be finished by 2020.


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