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Landscape Architecture for the public realm landscape at Akoya by DAMAC in Dubai


The Beverly Hills of Dubai

IDG were employed by DAMAC for design services on this vast new golf development in Dubai. The design team has completed the concept landscape architecture package and is currently fulfilling detailed design packages per community to facilitate the tender process.

Measuring a staggering 965 acres, this development represents one of the largest golf communities in the world currently under construction. Facilities include a world class Trump International branded Golf Course, Hotel, schools, shops and parks to create one of the finest residential communities available. Within the residential zones, various branded communities such as Trump, Fendi and Paramount, are provided which will enjoy a unique brand themed landscape.

In DAMAC’s own words:

“AKOYA by DAMAC, the Beverly Hills of Dubai, is a lush 42 million square foot community where the best of outdoor living comes to life. With luxurious homes, acres of wide open spaces, and of course, the world-class Trump International Golf Club, you’ll be able to fill every day with fresh enjoyment and experiences.”


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