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We provide elegant, holistic design solutions that are not only sustainable but also respect the cultural preferences of the local area. Most importantly, we recognize that the developers aspirations whether maximizing profit or otherwise, must be exceeded.


We deal with master planned developments of any size and context, we specialise in residential sports developments, predominantly those involving golf courses.


Master planning includes various complicated tasks such as visioning, estimating financial and economic situations, analyzing policy and physical issues to meet our client’s complete need. 


Master planning involves study of Economic and financial conditions of the location, analyzing policy and physical issues, visioning the projects to finally deliver the client a complete solution for their urban design. From small scale to large scale projects, a proper visualization and planning is done by our experts to achieve the goal of urban Design.  We deliver master planning by analyzing all parameters like economic and social conditions of site, transportation planning, establishing connectivity to the city, planning the structure of the town and providing appropriate solutions to the client.



  • Project Analysis

  • Statutory Evaluation

  • Market Analysis

  • Infrastructure Analysis

  • Technical Site Appraisal

  • Concept Masterplanning

  • "Imagineering" Workshops

  • Sketch Alternatives

  • Value Engineering

  • Transport / Infrastructure Planning  

  • Detailed Masterplanning

  • Plan Development

  • High Level Concept Architecture and Massing

  • Concept Landscape Design

  • Area Schedules and Cost Models

  • Design Guidelines

  • Technical Team Project Management

  • Timescale Programming

  • Sustainability / Business Planning

  • CG Imagery / Physical Model Production

‘Creating environments for the world stage’



AV | IDG  Planning deals with masterplanned developments of any size and context, we specialize in residential sports developments, predominantly those involving golf courses.


We are  the only multidisciplinary design company in the world which can boast an in house golf course architecture department. No other design company has a deeper understanding of value creation on golf developments.


In larger projects, masterplanning can be the most important aspect of the design process. It enables the primary decision makers to easily visualise the project prior to construction and ensure it reflects their vision clearly. Our process typically involves technical site appraisal, visioning workshops and sketch planning all the way through to land use planning, budget and business planning, infrastructure coordination and 3D modelling of entire cities. When working as lead consultants in a masterplanning role, we also deal with consultant team enrolment including the consultant tender process and team management throughout the project.

The final result is a masterplan that can be followed and clearly understood by everybody involved. Typically, our masterplanning service would be complemented by a mix of landscape, architecture and if appropriate, golf design.

We specialise in sports developments that primarily operate in the golfing sector. With our years of experience and over 400 developments to our name, we are now leading the field of residential golf development design.


AV | IDG Masterplanning normally produces a concept masterplan with the initial concept documentation. However, this is the first step in the full masterplanning process of consultant coordination, budget management, infrastructure planning and programming.

Amongst many others, Masterplanning International offers the following services:

  •  Project Analysis

  • Statutory Evaluation, Market Analysis, Infrastructure,

  • Analysis, Technical Site Appraisal

  • Concept masterplanning

  • “Imagineering” Workshops, Sketch Alternatives,

  • Value engineering, Transport Planning, Infrastructure Planning

  • Detailed Masterplanning

  • Plan Development, High Level Concept Architecture & Massing,

  • Concept Landscape Design, Area Schedules & Cost Models,

  • Design Guidelines.

  • Technical Team Project Management

  • Timescale programming

  • Sustainability Planning

  • Business planning

  • Computer Generated Imagery and Video

  • Physical Model Production


Decades of

Masterplanning Worldwide

AV | International Design Group and its staff have been

involved in more than 500 developments worldwide.

Our portfolio stretches from Europe to the Caribbean

and to the Far East covering most of the globe including most of Asia.

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