It is important to us that we are aware of the impact our activities have on the environment and communities in which we operate. We appreciate that finite resources must be managed in a sustainable manner and that we need to create and maintain a balanced approach to develop sustainable Golf facilities for our clients and to how we operate our businesses. As such, we have implemented a number of initiatives, including reducing energy consumption, managing waste, using local resources, saving water and following the best management practices to minimize the environment impacts. 

Responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practice; We consider & adopt criteria to save natural environment in the following ways:

  1. Protecting environment through recycling, conservation, regeneration & restoration.

  2. Waste management (use waste as resource)

  3. Integrated pest management

  4. Minimizing contamination of the environment by use of chemical and other hazardous substances.

  5. Use of ecological products – non-toxic, recycled products & supplies.

  6. Water management

  7. Training to site staff of pesticide handling (environment, health & safety), emergency & disaster management.

  8. Wild life habitat management.