AV SPORTS is the Sporting Business Unit of AV GROUP INTERNATIONAL which offers end to end consulting services related to sports infrastructure at an international level. From design to development, the consulting services of AV SPORTS  lead to high quality sports and leisure clubs, fitness centers, stadia and other facilities across a variety of sports disciplines.

AV SPORTS is already adding significant value to a number of clients across industry segments such as Real Estate and private clubs.

Our consulting initiatives are geared to offer insightful market feasibility studies that helps clients make informed decisions about the feasibility of the projects that they are going to undertake.

AV SPORTS has managed to build a bank of trained experts, consultants and mentors who can impart infrastructure to clubs, schools, colleges and institutes across a diverse range of sports and games. Our partners in sharing this visionary zeal comprise a gamut of well known global Institutions.

The business of sports has changed significantly in recent times. Countries and cities compete for international sporting events, sport clubs are run more like businesses, star athletes earn skyrocketing wages and media companies increasingly exert their influence. Overall, the business side of sports is becoming more competitive, resourceful and an initiator of related businesses in itself.

Whether you wish to host a sporting event, to enhance your sports business, or develop a new sports facility, it is imperative to gain a clear understanding of the opportunities and risks that lie ahead.

AV SPORTS is well positioned to assist clients in addressing the challenges sports organizations face in the rapidly changing circumstances of business.

Our areas of experience include

  • Valuation services and bidding assistance;
  • Strategy development and independent business review;
  • Business planning;
  • Feasibility Studies and Economic Impact Studies;
  • Internal audit and operational services;
  • Purpose-built and mixed-use facilities concept development; and
  • PPP scheme development.

Key target sports

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Rugby
  • Polo
  • High Altitude sports
  • Motor sports

Key clients

  • Stadia, arenas
  • Investors
  • Sport clubs
  • Municipalities
  • Industry bodies / Event organizers