We at AV PLANNING provide elegant, holistic design solutions that are not only sustainable but also respect the cultural preferences of the local area. Most importantly, we recognize that the developers aspirations whether maximizing profit or otherwise, must be exceeded.


Whilst AV PLANNING deals with master planned developments of any size and context, we specialise in residential sports developments, predominantly those involving golf courses.


Master planning includes various complicated tasks such as visioning, estimating financial and economic situations, analyzing policy and physical issues to meet our client’s complete need. 


Master planning involves study of Economic and financial conditions of the location, analyzing policy and physical issues, visioning the projects to finally deliver the client a complete solution for their urban design. From small scale to large scale projects, a proper visualization and planning is done by our experts to achieve the goal of urban Design.  We deliver master planning by analyzing all parameters like economic and social conditions of site, transportation planning, establishing connectivity to the city, planning the structure of the town and providing appropriate solutions to the client.



  • Project Analysis

  • Statutory Evaluation

  • Market Analysis

  • Infrastructure Analysis

  • Technical Site Appraisal

  • Concept Masterplanning

  • "Imagineering" Workshops

  • Sketch Alternatives

  • Value Engineering

  • Transport / Infrastructure Planning  

  • Detailed Masterplanning

  • Plan Development

  • High Level Concept Architecture and Massing

  • Concept Landscape Design

  • Area Schedules and Cost Models

  • Design Guidelines

  • Technical Team Project Management

  • Timescale Programming

  • Sustainability / Business Planning

  • CG Imagery / Physical Model Production


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