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Posted by Aashish Vaishnava on May 10, 2013 at 9:25 AM

I entered the Golf Driving Range at Sirifort, New Delhi last week, after almost 2 years. To my surprise, I was asked to wait for about an hour. For some, it can be frustrating but for me it was great news. Wondering, why?

I remember the days when I was playing competitive Golf, Sirifort Golf Range was literally my home; I used to practice morning till evening. I used to find it almost empty most of the time. Weekends were the only time when I had to wait till a cup of tea would last. I used to see mostly the same faces, not many beginners and practically, no women and kids. To my surprise, this time the range was full of children, ladies and the coaches were as busy as Delhi roads are during rush hours. Being a golf lover and promoter, it was heartening to see how the game has picked up over the years and how enthusiastic people are now for Golf, compared to what it was like five years back. I can now say Golf is growing, in NCR atleast, and facilities like Sirifort are really promoting golf and encouraging the enthusiasts to join.

I have attended several golf conferences in South East Asia, where the point discussed was making golf accessible and, surely affordable. Sirifort, as of now, fits in as a perfect example.

The place is centrally located in South Delhi, easily accessible and what’s more, not restricted to members only. It has one of the most reasonably priced practice range one can ever visit---Rs. 40 as entrance fee and Rs. 50 for 50 Golf Balls to practice! Even beginners coaching per hour would not cost more than a couple of hundreds. I have come across a large number of people, women and kids who earnestly like to try their hands at golf but retract thinking that it’s very expensive to start. I would say gone are those days. Look towards Sirifort!!

Also if you think Golf takes a lot of time and you are short on it, Sirifort is open from 6 AM till 9 PM and is floodlit-- if you an early riser, you can be at the range at the crack of dawn, practice your heart out and then you are free to go to work. Ditto post-work.

Let me give a little insight on how one can start Golf and how much it would really cost.

I am taking you to be staying in 10-15 km radius from Sirifort and decide to go the driving range. Things you may require for your first day at Golf –comfortable collared t-shirt and trousers (I’m sure you have them already, so you are saved from buying them).Comfortable Sport shoes, preferably the ones with nice grip (even those you bought for daily walks and can easily find them in the rack. Just dust them over and you are done with your shoes requirement at no cost.)

You don’t require a complete golf set on the first day. Sirifort gives you the option to hire clubs (Golf Sticks, the most familiar synonym) at a reasonable price, probably Rs. 15-25. You can even hire the entire golf set, if you wish to. You may not probably require it on the first day. Ok ? Now, as you are a bit clear about the basic requirements, you can hunt for a coach who can give you some beginner’s lessons so that when you come next to the range you will spend more time practicing than watching others hit great shots.

I would say one should go at least for 5-7 lessons from the coach and practice regularly. You don’t need to go for all the lessons in a row. Take one lesson, practice for a few days and take the next lesson. The coaches will schedule the lessons for you at your convenience---customise it, as they say.

There is one thing which I tell every beginner; don’t try to hit far in the beginning itself. Have patience, going far will come later with time and practice. Focus getting the basics right and try to have a good contact with the golf ball. Rest everything will be well taken care of.

Once you are clear about the basics, plan a day out with the coach on the golf course. Playing with the coach is a great learning experience and would definitely give you more confidence to play with your other golfer friends.

Hope this will encourage you to take up this wonderful game called Golf!

Best wishes and happy golfing !!!

Aashish Vaishnava

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