Laying the ground for golf

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Golf architecture has its own philosophy that reflects in the design

Nearly all popular sports have standardised playing fields. Not so with golf. Except for the size of the hole into which the ball must eventually enter, there is no level playing field when it comes to any other aspect of the course. From three-hole courses in 5-7 acre land to 18-hole championship golf courses that span over 125 acres, nearly every golf course is unique and distinctive. Not just that; each and e...

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Small is the new big thing!!!

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Small is big, don’t we hear about it most of the time, especially in the last few years. This simply means that things are becoming smaller, shorter, compact and what not; from electrical goods to our daily usable items, something or the other is changing every day, new feel, new technology. Probably it’s a good sign, it shows that we are evolving for better times with a much faster pace. In a time when everything is changing, how can we forget Golf. Golf has a history of being as...

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Corporate Golf is a term coined for the group of people from corporate world playing Golf on regular basis, either for fun or for business. They keep the Golf courses busy across the Globe where ever Golf is appreciated. Corporate firms are large organizations with influential decision makers, professionals, high profile personnel and Golf has always been associated with being elite and sophisticated. This is what makes Corporates and Golf go hand in hand. It will be suffice to say that C...

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Whenever we think of Golf Courses, we think of lush green environment. Golf has been synonymous to the color green, however the trend is changing; we are now noticing a lot of Golf Courses traveling on the road to sustainability. In simple terms, the Golf Courses are now focusing more on managing the playable area only rather than trying to keep the entire course green. Keeping the Golf Course lush green is a great challenge and it definitely requires a lot of water, fertilizers and other rel...

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Message from Mr. Kelly Blake Moran on exciting time for Golf in India.

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Hello, my name is Kelly Blake Moran; I am the golf course architect with AV GOLF. I have played golf for over 45 years, and designed golf courses for over 29 years.

There has never been a more exciting time for golf in India. Developers in India have the wonderful opportunity to benefit from the lesson learned by the Western world upon the conclusion of their most recent golf boom. These lessons are:

1) It is critical to grow the game by developing shorter ...

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Sustainable Golf Course Design & Maintenance

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Creating a sustainable golf course requires a land-based design approach that emphasizes a well-conceived routing plan. A properly routed golf course can contribute toward reducing energy consumption and other costs expended to build a course and maintain it. Architect's main goal is to route the course to take full advantage of the land’s natural features so that very little earth must be disturbed in the construction phase. Disturbing large areas adds to construction costs, provide...

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Youth In Golf

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It is often stated that the game of Golf is for a lifetime, one in which people can compete well into their golden years. Mentioned less often but no less true, it is also a game for children, holding many advantages and life lessons. Until quite recently, Golf was considered as an adult pastime, where children have been relegated to the sidelines as Dad and Mom went out for Golf.

Times have changed and today, amidst a host of activities that pull families apart, more famili...

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